Olympic Muay Thai

Global Vale Tudo


Thai Boxing is without a doubt, "the unconquerable in the world in five hundred years," a national skill of Thailand. Thai Boxing is performed using the fists, elbows, knees and feet. Our goal is to improve coordination, stamina, fitness, bring discipline and modesty.At Global Vale Tudo , we also offer competitions to enable students to gain fighting experience. No matter what your current fitness level is, we can accommodate your training needs; from basic fitness, right up to fighting quality. If you are looking for a great way to get into shape and improve your fitness, then come learn Muay Thai.

Επίπεδο Δυσκολίας: Όλα τα επίπεδα
Οδηγίες: Bring a t-shirt and towel if possible. Hand wraps, mouth guard and gloves can be purchased from the venue

Διεύθυνση: Τσερίου 300, Στρόβολος, Λευκωσία


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